Nieuwe Nederlanders: “Crisis Support New Dutch”

The board of the Hiv Vereniging Nederland (Dutch HIV Association) is aware that a large proportion (approximately 30%) of HIV-positive people living in the Netherlands are not native-born. These innocent people, far from their native lands are often without support from family or friends. In addition, linguistic and cultural differences and the taboo of AIDS does not make it any easier for them.

In 2004, the Hiv Vereniging Brabant division started the project 'Nieuwe Nederlanders'. If you are interested in the project, please contact

First of all, we are called by one of the organisations within our network who indicate to us that there is somebody interested in contact with us. Because most of our clients live in AZC’s, where talking about hiv/aids is a big taboo, we often are the only people outside the regular support organisations who know about their hiv-status. After an initial meeting we try to make an inventory of the problems encountered. Then, depending on the language they speak and the location where they live, we try to match them with a Crisis Buddy who can assist and support the client. The hiv-status and how to deal with it is of course at the heart of our support.
Often however, there are other practical problems, such as access to medical care, language barriers and referral to the right support organisations. Our support is temporarily and we find that most people no longer need our help once they have received their status, found a house and have learned the Dutch language.





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