There is a group who don’t want any contact with fellow hiv-positive people due to the taboo, but about half of thetam tam people we assist do like to meet other hiv-infected people. There are also some of them who would like to become active within the HIV Association. That is the reason why we started the Tam-Tam project in 2008 to stimulate the ability to cope with their hiv-status. Every third Saturday of the month we meet from 1:30 – 5:00 PM at the Fraterhuis Elim, Schiphollaan 30 in Tilburg where people can meet others and exchange experiences. For many this is the only possibility to talk about their hiv-status and is therefore of utmost importance for them to accept their own hiv-status and to work on a positive self-image.

Some impressions from our present members about the meetings:

  • encouragement
  • exchange ideas; learn form each other, help and stimulate each other
  • be happy with your life
  • share your problems and challenges because everybody is in the same situation
  • it is good for body and spirit
  • the subjects, which are discussed, are helping us
  • Tam-Tam is like a family: “I am not alone”
  • “Together we are stronger".

For more information, please contact:
Ellie Badiane
Coordinator Tam-Tam
HIV Association Brabant
e-mail : 
Tam Tam - every third Saturday of the month from 13.30 à 17.00h.
Languages : Dutch, English, French.
Adress : Fraterhuis Elim, Schiphollaan 30, Tilburg


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