The world house

The  world  house  is  a  meeting  place  for  the  undocumented, people  without  a valid  staying  permit. People  with few rights but with a lot of plans and ideas for their future. 
There  are  approximately  15.000  undocumented  people  living  in Amsterdam  which  includes  also  many  children.  About  2.000  of them  are  asylum  seekers  who have finished  their legal  process. Many came as labor immigrants, others have fallen victim to sex-trafficking or a failed marriage migration.
In  the  world  house  they  can  catch  their  breath,  reflect  on  their personal  situation  and  most  of  all:  take  matters  into  their  own hands.  They  can  exchange  experiences  and  develop  initiatives together.  It  is  often  difficult  for  undocumented  people  to  speak freely with their friends about their illegal stay in the Netherlands.
But in the world house, talking and discussion are encouraged.  What  are  the  issues  which  people have  to  face  daily?  How  are  you  managing  your health,  labor  and  family  if  you  don’t  have  valid staying permits?

wereldhuisGrass  roots  organizations  of  labor  migrants,  the  big  group  of domestic workers for instance, find a place to meet here. There is space for various activities:

  • Language lessons: You are stronger when you speak Dutch.
  • Counselling: Every week for individual help in crisis situations (confidential).
  • Internet course: How do you find information about migration, for example, on the web? How do you e-mail with family at home?
  • Child’s play afternoons: Mothers and children can have a break.

A  social  network  makes  you  stronger.  Sharing  experiences  and information  with  each  other.  How  are  your  children?  How  is  the situation in your home country? What kind of job do you have and how are they treating you there? And  most  of  all,  in  the  world  house  you  yourself  can  be  an organizer:

  • Do you want to eat together? - The kitchen is available.
  • Do you want to learn about your basic rights? - The room is open and the computer switched on.
  • Do you want to discuss in migration issues? - Make a reservation for the meeting room.
  • Do you want to set up a grass roots organization? - Use the office space available.

Since  long  ago,  the  Protestantse  Diaconie  of  Amsterdam  has said: helping where there is no helper. And  that means: Helping people to help themselves.  And also: Raising our voices for those who otherwise won’t be heard.

Het Wereldhuis - The world house 
Nieuwe Herengracht 20
1018 DP Amsterdam 
Telephone: 06 228 214 72


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