Known interactions and possible interactions with medicines

Combinations that are not mentioned in this summary should not be understood to be safe.


  • Kaletra and Norvir strengthen the effect of XTC, making an overdose more likely.
  • If you take protease inhibitors, it is even more important to drink plenty of water when you take XTC.


  • Protease inhibitors can strengthen the effect of LSD, making an overdose more likely.


  • Combining poppers and erection pills can be dangerous.
  • There are no known interactions with HIV medicines.


  • A risk in connection with two kinds of HIV medicines (protease inhibitors and non-nucleosides) cannot be excluded.


  • Benzos that you can buy on the street may combine poorly with HIV medicines.
  • Valium may not be used together with Norvir.
  • Stilnoct may not be used together with protease inhibitors.
  • Halcion and Dormicum may not be used together with protease inhibitors or with Atripla or Stocrin.


  • Phenobarbital (Luminal) decreases the effect of protease inhibitors and Viramune. Protease inhibitors will actually increase the strength of phenobarbital, making an overdose more likely.


  • With GHB, the dosage is critical. A combination with Kaletra or Norvir will strengthen the effect of GHB, making an overdose more likely.
  • It is better not to combine GHB with any other substance: not with party drugs, alcohol or tranquillizers, but also not with any (over-the-counter) medications for insomnia or allergies.

Heroine and morphine

  • Kaletra and Norvir, but probably also other HIV medicines in the categories of protease inhibitors and non-nucleosides, will decrease the effect of heroine and morphine.


  • Protease inhibitors, Atripla and Stocrin can all strengthen the effect of ketamine, making an overdose more likely.
  • Watch out for the combination of ketamine with alcohol, since you can become seriously exhausted from that.


  • Atripla, Kaletra, Norvir, Stocrin, Telzir, Viracept and Viramune will all decrease the effect of methadone. The effect can be reduced so much that some people will get withdrawal symptoms.

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