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Your medical supervision

You will receive medical supervision for your HIV at an HIV treatment centre. That is a hospital with a ward thatbehandeling specialises in HIV. There are HIV treatment centres in 18 cities throughout the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam you can choose between different hospitals. You have the freedom to choose a hospital and a doctor yourself. Many people simply choose for the hospital nearest to where they live. You can also think about whether you prefer to go to a normal hospital (which are often somewhat smaller) or to a hospital that is connected to a university. University hospitals are often somewhat larger. They also often carry out studies with new medicines. Many people always find going to hospital and hearing the results of their blood tests a bit stressful. But that often gets a bit easier as time goes on. That is especially the case once someone has started taking HIV medications and when it turns out that the side effects are not so bad and that the virus is being properly suppressed.

Your cultural background

If you are not used to Dutch culture, your contact with your doctor and nurse may seem strange to you. Language can also be a problem. Maybe you have other ideas about being sick or about the treatment.


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