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Des volontaires étrangers hispanophones et d’expression portugaise

Le réseau de volontaires hispanophones ou d’expression portugaise pour immigrés séropositifs a été réactivé. Ce réseau se consacre à représenter ce groupe.

Buddysupport Positivo

Le réseau de volontaires a été créé début 2009. Ils sont cinq à s'occuper du réseau. Les personnes à la recherche de volontaires immigrés peuvent consulter le site Internet de l'association. Il y a aussi des dépliants dans les hôpitaux ou encore le bouche à bouche. Un mardi soir, j'ai parlé avec Genoveva Silva, la responsable du réseau de volontaires. Genoveva a beaucoup d'expérience dans le domaine de la représentation des immigrés. Nous n’avions pas beaucoup de temps, mais Genoveva ne cesse de souligner l'importance du réseau de volontaires.

Buddyzorg Positivo

positivo logoVisiting hours:wednesday 13.00 - 17.00 uur - Eerste Helmersstraat 17, Amsterdam
Telephone: 06 - 39 86 07 67 of 020 - 6160160
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Article published in Positive News - april 2011- by Peter J. Smit

Migrant buddies for Spanish and Portuguese speaking people

A buddy network for Spanish and Portuguese speaking migrants with HIV has become active again. This network is dedicated to representing this group.

The buddy network started in the beginning of 2009. There are five volunteers that maintain the network. People seeking help in finding migrant buddies can do so via the Association's website, in flyers at hospitals, and by word-of-mouth. On a Tuesday evening, I spoke with the supervisor of the buddy network, Genoveva Silva. Genoveva has a lot of experience in representing migrants. We were a bit pressed for time, but regardless Genoveva recounts how important the buddy network is.

Nieuwe Nederlanders: “Crisis Support New Dutch”

The board of the Hiv Vereniging Nederland (Dutch HIV Association) is aware that a large proportion (approximately 30%) of HIV-positive people living in the Netherlands are not native-born. These innocent people, far from their native lands are often without support from family or friends. In addition, linguistic and cultural differences and the taboo of AIDS does not make it any easier for them.


There is a group who don’t want any contact with fellow hiv-positive people due to the taboo, but about half of thetam tam people we assist do like to meet other hiv-infected people. There are also some of them who would like to become active within the HIV Association. That is the reason why we started the Tam-Tam project in 2008 to stimulate the ability to cope with their hiv-status. Every third Saturday of the month we meet from 1:30 – 5:00 PM at the Fraterhuis Elim, Schiphollaan 30 in Tilburg where people can meet others and exchange experiences. For many this is the only possibility to talk about their hiv-status and is therefore of utmost importance for them to accept their own hiv-status and to work on a positive self-image.


Hiv Vereniging Nederland

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For questions about living with HIV. Available monday, tuesday and thursday from 2 PM till 10 PM

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