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Experiences that people with HIV have had with drugs

Sometimes a nice little something extra 
I never use drugs when I am looking for sex. But drugs can sometimes be a nice little something extra when you’re having fun with a sexy guy. You might end up doing something a little different and that can be really fun.

They can open up a whole new world
Drugs can make sex more exciting, hornier and more special. They can really open up a whole new world. Before I actually start taking HIV medicines, I’m going to be completely open with my HIV doctor and tell him that I use certain drugs. It’s important to me that I can continue to use those.

Known interactions and possible interactions with medicines

Combinations that are not mentioned in this summary should not be understood to be safe.


  • Kaletra and Norvir strengthen the effect of XTC, making an overdose more likely.
  • If you take protease inhibitors, it is even more important to drink plenty of water when you take XTC.


  • Protease inhibitors can strengthen the effect of LSD, making an overdose more likely.


  • Combining poppers and erection pills can be dangerous.
  • There are no known interactions with HIV medicines.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and most drugs help many people loosen up and feel more relaxed. They can increase your sex drive and make you less inhibited. You can feel much freer to surrender to your fantasies. Other people don’t need alcohol and drugs for that, and some may even find themselves inhibited by them. Most drugs will make it harder for a man to get an erection, so many men will also take an ‘erection pill’ (medication for erectile dysfunction) along with whatever else they take. With most drugs, if you use them with moderation, they can help stimulate you. If you use too much of one drug or if you use more than one drug at the same time, things can go wrong. For example some people end up having unprotected sex while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and afterwards they become terribly conflicted: do I need to tell him or her now about my HIV? For many people, alcohol and sex often go together. Gays in particular often use harder drugs in connection with sex. You can find information in Dutch about the use of alcohol and drugs – apart from HIV – on www.jellinek.nl.


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