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Saskia (35)

care worker with the mentally impaired
boyfriend: none
children: one daughter (15 months old)
HIV+: 4 years
HIV meds: none
viral load: not concerned about it
CD4-cell count: 800

I wasn’t permitted to breastfeed my baby
I only had unsafe sex once, my very first time with a man. I didn’t realise what the risk was till later. Pretty naive, you could say. A year later I had a relationship with another man from Kenya. I told him about it right away. He reacted very openly and wasn’t distant. When I got back to the Netherlands, I discovered I was pregnant. Apparently I’m easily susceptible to everything!

Pauline (35)

coordinates speakers for dance4life
boyfriend: 3 months
children: none
HIV+: 3 years
HIV meds: 4 months
viral load: undetectable
CD4-cell count: 720

I was totally in shock
Three years ago, I suddenly developed all kinds of symptoms, all within a week. I was totally weakened and had a fever of over forty degrees. My doctor sent me to the hospital casualty department. I collapsed there in the waiting room. When I came to, there was an internist standing next to my hospital bed. I wanted to know what the hell was going on. They thought it might be an HIV infection. I said that was impossible because coincidentally I had been tested a few weeks before and all was okay.

Robin (24)

communications consultant
boyfriend: 4 months
children: none
HIV+: 8 months
HIV meds: none
viral load: 22,000
CD4-cell count: 460

It was really very unexpected to suddenly have the grand prize
When I began studying, I started getting tested for STIs and HIV every six months. I thought I was well informed about what is and isn’t safe. Fifteen times without a single STI, so it was really very unexpected to suddenly have the grand prize. I still haven’t come to terms with it. I really don’t understand it.


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