In this section you'll find answers to many questions that may be mulling around in your head. For example, you may have some personal issues about your HIV status, or practical issues concerning the HIV medication and therapy loyalty. You will also find testimonials about living with HIV, how HIV is presented artistically as a topical theme and various FAQs providing short answers and links to more information.

  • > living with HIV

    If HIV is a part of your daily life, then in this section you can find various tips and personal testimonials that may help or inspire you. From the question of disclosure to extensive information on the desire to have children.

  • > living in the Netherlands

    This section contains every day issues such as completing a job application, following a course of study, buying life insurance and making smart travel preparations (informing yourself about travel restrictions, medication, time differences and so on).

  • > medical

    This section contains information on the HIV virus, treatment, medication and side-effects. More detail is provided on how the virus operates, what you should take into account and what your choices are.

  • > sexuality

    Everyone is entitled to a fulfilling sex life and you and your partner are responsible for this. This section presents information on safe sex, choices and responsibilities, the latest developments in protection and useful tips.

  • > FAQ's

    Listing of frequently asked question in different categories

  • > brochures

    HVN presents a series of brochures positive living; positive sexuality; positive learning; positive working; positive adopting an more...

  • > Addresses

    This is an overview of all the HIV treatment centers in the Netherlands.

  • > Positive News

    The first edition of Positivenews was presented in april 2011. With this new magazine we want to provide information about living with HIV to people who don’t read Dutch, but can read English.


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