HVN presents a series of brochures positive living; positive sexuality; positive learning; positive working; positive adopting an more...

  • > positive living

    A summary of the most important things to know. The new information guide for people who have just been diagnosed as HIV-positive.

  • > positive sexuality

    Everyone who has HIV ends up living with it in his or her own way, just like everyone experiences his or her sexuality and relationships in his or her own way. This booklet offers information and inspiration regarding sexuality.

  • > positive learning

    On the whole, children and young people with HIV can perform well at school. This brochure is provided information for parents and teachers.

  • > positive working

    In general, people with HIV can function normally in the labour market. This brochure, Positive working (summary), information is provided for people with HIV and employers.

  • > positive adopting

    This brochure aims to offer support to prospective adoptive parents who are considering adopting a child with HIV and to help them decide on what questions to ask.

  • > aging with HIV

    An English compilation of the book, containing a selection of the information presented in Aging with hiv that would be relevant for a wider international audience.

  • > FAMILY.matters

    This game and the brochure is meant for parents or caretakers of a child with HIV, for parents and caretakers who are HIV+ themselves and for teenagers with HIV or with a HIV+ parent.


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