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The game
By order of the HIV Vereniging Nederland (HIV Association), the developed the game ‘FAMILY.matters’. The game will be distributed through the HIV Treatment Centres in The Netherlands.

The game has been developed in cooperation with the HIV Association, experiential experts and a team of the, and is meant for families in which one or more family members are HIV+. FAMILY.matters is a memory game and has the aim to support and stimulate the communication.

Along with it, a brochure is added with the title: ‘You’re telling me!’ HIV in your family, who can you share that with? This brochure has been produced in French, Dutch and English. ‘Would you tell your child that he or she is ill? Would you tell your child that you yourself are ill, or would you rather postpone that? And if you do tell your child, would you then also say that this illness is HIV? How to deal with school and how about the neighbours?

This brochure is meant for parents or caretakers of a child with HIV, for parents and caretakers who are HIV+ themselves and for teenagers with HIV or with a HIV+ parent. The aim of the brochure is, to support people if they have to take the difficult decision whether or not to tell others about HIV in their family, and how they can do so if they decide to talk about it.

You can get the brochure by ordering it from the Servicepunt of the Hiv Vereniging (Dutch HIV Association): 020 - 689 25 77, 2 PM – 10 PM Mon, Tues and Thurs. 

Play the game
On the website of you can download or play the game (see the link at the right side: download the game or play the game).


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