Your sexuality and relationships

Everyone who has HIV ends up living with it in his or her own way, just like everyone experiences his or her sexuality and relationships in his or her own way. Whether you have only just found out that you have HIV or youpositieve seksualiteit have been living with HIV for years already, this booklet offers information and inspiration regarding sexuality. It contains plenty of quotes from people with HIV talking about their sexuality, as well as from people who can offer support in that regard.

Everyone is different
Sexual experience and sexual behaviour differ from person to person. And there are also differences between groups: between men and women, and between homosexuals, straights and bisexuals. It makes a difference whether you are single or in a relationship – and a monogamous relationship is different from an open relationship. It makes a difference whether or not your (sex) partner has HIV, or if you don’t know either way. You can have casual contacts in the form of one-night stands, but there might also be one or more people that you have sex with on a regular basis. There are also differences between people in terms of where they come from. If this booklet says something about a group, it obviously doesn’t apply to every single member of that group. Fortunately there are major differences from person to person.

This booklet is about sexuality for people with HIV. Part of the information deals specifically with HIV. For instance, should you tell someone that you have HIV? And if so, when? And how can you become a mother or a father if you have HIV? This booklet also contains information about sexuality in general – for example about the enjoyment of sex and about sexual problems – wherever HIV might play a role.

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