HIV+ alien & pregnancy

What are your rights if you no longer have any possible legal remedies as an alien and you are pregnant?

You will have a right to accommodation for four weeks before and six weeks after you give birth, and you will be insured against medical expenses during that period.

What if you find out during your pregnancy that you are HIV positive and you don't have documents of legal residency in the Netherlands?

Under certain conditions, you can start an application procedure for residency on the basis of a medical emergency.

What if you have become pregnant by a Dutch partner?

If your partner is Dutch, he (or she) can acknowledge the unborn child as his (or her) child already before it is born. The child will then automatically receive the Dutch nationality.

Does your newborn baby need to be registered at the Registry Office at City Hall?

Every newborn baby must be registered with the Registry Office of the municipality in which it was born. This gives the child the "right to exist". This is something different from its having a legal status, since that depends on the status of the child's parents.


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