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Medical insurance
Any insurance company that offers medical coverage is required to accept any Dutch citizen (and any foreigner who is working in the Netherlands) who applies for the basic insurance package. No questions are asked about ageld person’s health, and people with HIV do not have to pay any more than anyone else. This basic insurance policy will cover the costs of your HIV treatment: consultations in the HIV treatment centre, your blood tests and your HIV medications. Regardless of which insurance company you choose for this basic insurance package, the initial contribution that you will have to pay towards the actual medical costs (that is to say the policy excess or deductible) is the same for everyone. If you have HIV, you will definitely end up paying that whole initial amount, even if you have not yet started taking HIV medications. If you are using HIV medications, you will automatically get part of that initial amount back. Health insurance companies also offer supplemental insurance policies, for example for dental care, alternative remedies and physiotherapy. Any supplemental insurance policies that you already had will not change as a result of your HIV. But if you apply for a new supplemental insurance policy, the company is allowed to ask you questions about your health. In that case, it could happen that your application for insurance is rejected because of your HIV, or that you will have to pay more to get the insurance policy. That is why it is a good idea to find out if they will ask you about HIV before you apply for supplemental insurance or switch to a different insurance company. If your application for insurance is rejected, that will be registered in a central database. From then on, every time you want to take out a new insurance policy, even if that is for your car, for example, you will need to explain why your earlier application was rejected.


Possibilities of life insurance expanded for HIV positive people

According to new notification from the Verbond van Verzekeraars (Dutch Association of Insurers), HIV positive people who are not yet taking combination therapy can now be insured. Moreover, the association now regards HIV as a chronic illness. This notification is a step forward, but it still excludes a group of perfectly healthy HIV positive people.



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