If HIV is a part of your daily life, then in this section you can find various tips and personal testimonials that may help or inspire you. From the question of disclosure to extensive information on the desire to have children.

  • > you just found out

    If you've just found out that you're HIV positive, read more about this and how to deal with it.

  • > to tell or not to tell

    Who do you inform that you are HIV positive? When is a good time to inform? And what do you need to take into consideration when revealing your HIV status?

  • > personal testimonials

    Personal stories from a number of people.

  • > plans to have children

    Maybe you already have a child or you want to have a child. Now that you know you have HIV, how will this change? ... All sorts of tips and information about these issues.

  • > medical care

    Information on HIV clinics, the specialists in your health care team and the treatment.

  • > relationships and sex

    Do your attitudes towards friends and sexual partners change? This section provides a good start towards becoming informed about relationships and sex.


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