Your environment

For the people in your social environment: how do you react to someone with HIV?
While all the rest of this booklet is meant for people who have HIV themselves, these two pages are meant foromgeving people who know someone who has HIV. How do you react to that person? Do you feel sorry for him or her? Do you think that someone with HIV is doomed to have a short life filled with disease and suffering? Do you think that HIV only occurs among gays and that anyone who has HIV must have had a wild sex life? Are you angry or disappointed because you have only recently been told? Or because you only heard about it indirectly? Are you afraid that you may have run a risk yourself? Or do you simply know very little about it?


Your relationship and sexuality

Hearing that you have HIV can turn your relationship into a roller-coaster ride.

If your partner doesn't have HIVrelaties
Do you feel guilty because you have HIV? Has your partner run a risk of getting HIV? Do you feel like you are on an equal basis with your partner? Are you taking extra responsibility to make sure you do not pass on HIV to your partner?

If your partner also had HIV
Is it possible that the one person got HIV from the other?

If you do not have a partner
Are you afraid that you will never find another partner now that you have HIV? Would you prefer to have a partner who has HIV or someone who does not have HIV? Or does that not make a difference to you?



In 2008 the Swiss made public their statement about rules over when it is acceptable for a HIV positive person, who is successfully on medication, not to use a condom during sex with his or her partner. With the help of Google I searched for more news and in particular opinions. In so doing I came across a response to critics of the statement by Swiss co-author Hirschel. Snappy and at times hilariously funny. Website: French, and considering the name, very straight.


Positive sexuality - a booklet

positieve seksualiteitEveryone who has HIV ends up living with it in his or her own way, just like everyone experiences his or her sexuality and relationships in his or her own way. Whether you have only just found out that you have HIV or you have been living with HIV for years already, this booklet offers information and inspiration regarding sexuality. It contains plenty of quotes from people with HIV talking about their sexuality, as well as from people who can offer support in that regard.



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