Your contact with other people with HIV

 Through the activities of the Hiv Vereniging and other organisations, you can come into contact with other peoplecontact with HIV. Some people find it difficult to have the courage to go to such an activity the very first time. For many people, going to an information meeting is the most comfortable way to start, since you do not necessarily have to say anything when you are there. Once you have taken that first step, you may find it to be a good source of support. When talking with others who have HIV, half a word is often enough. There is so much that you will recognise in the feelings and experiences of others. But you might also discover that others deal with things very differently than you do and you may be inspired to do it that way too – or not. Since everyone at such a meeting has HIV, you are no different than the others.

Around the country and close to you
Some activities are carried out on a national level. That means that you might have to travel a long way to get to an event. Some people like the fact that the national activities are a bit more anonymous than activities that take place closer to home. But there are also activities that are organised in different cities in the Netherlands. Those include things like café evenings, lunches, dinners, informational meetings, sporting activities and discussion groups.

Special activities for woman, young people, families, people from Africa and gays
The Hiv Vereniging is for everyone who is living with HIV. Many of the activities organised for people with HIV are attended mainly by gay men. That is not so surprising, since six in ten people who are HIV positive are gay. Sometimes people are most comfortable when they are with ‘their own kind’. That is why there are also special activities for women, Latinos, people from Africa, from Suriname or from the Dutch Antilles with HIV, for example. That is because the people who belong to such groups have even more in common with each other. Or because as a woman you will have to deal with other things than gay men. You can find out about the various different groups and activities through the Servicepunt of the Hiv Vereniging: 020-689-2577 (monday, tuesday and thursday from 2 PM till 10 PM). They can tell you not only about the activities of the Hiv Vereniging, but also about other organisations of people with HIV. You can also look at there are links along the base of the screen to the different groups within the Hiv Vereniging.

Online encounters
Via the forum and the chatroom on you can come into contact online with other people with HIV. On the forum you can read through discussions on specific themes and add your own reactions. Via the chat room you can exchange ideas with people live. Online encounters can be enjoyable because you can remain completely anonymous if you want. The contacts are often a bit more superficial than when you meet people in person. Have a look on

Organisations that focus on HIV
In addition to the Hiv Vereniging, there are several other organisations that focus on people with HIV. There are organisations for ethnic minorities with HIV, for example, or for ethnic minority women with HIV, or for people with HIV who come from Africa, and there is an organisation that focuses on HIV and spirituality. There are also organisations that organise various activities in English or Spanish, for example. All those organisations are listed on the webpage (the information on this page is only available in Dutch).


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