You can grow old in good health with HIV

Do you think you will get ill quickly and die within a couple of years? Forget it! By now, even your chances of having problems with the redistribution of fat (sunken cheeks, etc.) are very slight. You won’t notice anything different about the people on the previous page. But all of them have HIV nonetheless. These pictures may make less of an impression than the ones on the earlier pages, but they do reflect the real situation of nearly 20,000 people who are now living with HIV in the Netherlands.

You might get ill for some time when you first get HIV. And you might face serious health problems if you only find out very late that you have HIV. But even in that case you can get better again. If you find out that you have HIV while your immune system is still strong, it is quite likely that you will not have many problems from your HIV. And many people experience only few if any side effects from their HIV medications. You can grow old with HIV. In fact, your chances of that are very good. Of course you can never know how long your life will last, but your life expectancy will only be a couple of years shorter at most as a result of your HIV. Although there is still a lot that we don’t know, it appears that the older you get with HIV, the greater your chances are that you will get certain diseases. It also appears that with HIV you can get ‘old age’ diseases at a somewhat younger age.


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