Your treatment

The combination therapy
There are no medications that can cure you of HIV and it is not likely that there will be any such medications in themedicijnen coming ten years. But with the medicines that are now available, you can suppress the virus for the rest of your life. Because you will be using a combination of medicines, the treatment is referred to as the combination therapy. The combination therapy usually consists of three different HIV medications. It could be that you will take less than three pills, since one pill can contain more than one active ingredient. The combination therapy involves taking one to six pills, once or twice a day. That will not be a temporary treatment, but one that you will have to continue for the rest of your life. Since the HIV medications will suppress the virus, your immune system will grow stronger. You can grow old with HIV, but it is very important that you take your medicines every day.


Your blood tests

The blood tests are the most important part of your medical supervision. Beside any health problems you might have, the blood tests are what your internist considers most when it comes to advising you when to start withbloedtest medications. If you already use medications, your blood tests will tell you:

  • if your pills are effectively suppressing your virus;
  • if your pills are causing side effects that you have not noticed yourself;
  • if you need to switch to other pills.

Normally you have blood tests done once every three to six months. That means that you will go to the blood lab in hospital to have your blood drawn. Some people with HIV get tested two or three weeks before their consultation, so that they can hear the results during the consultation. Others find it more practical to go hospital just one time. They will hear their results later by telephone or by e-mail, or they will get the result the next time they have an appointment in hospital.



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