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The Hiv Vereniging Nederland (HVN - Dutch HIV association), the Dutch member organisation of people living with HIV, is has presented the first edition of Positivenews in april 2011. With this new magazine we want to provide informationpositivenews 1 150 about living with HIV to people who don’t read Dutch, but can read English. Positivenews is initiated by the ‘Diversity Project’ of the HVN; it is subsidized by the Aids Fonds and sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim. Most of the articles were published in Hivnieuws, the Dutch Magazine of the HVN.

This first edition is a try-out. We hope that the information is well tuned toward migrants living with HIV in the Netherlands.

How to get a copy
Positivenews is distributed through migrant organisations and hospitals with HIV care. Positivenews can also be ordered free of costs (in quantities of no more than 10 copies) at the ‘Servicepunt’ of the HVN. For more copies you’ll have to ask for an order-form, also at the ‘Servicepunt’ (telephone: 020-6892577 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 14.00 – 22.00 hours). You can also e-mail to servicepunt@hivnet.org.

With this first edition of Positivenews we try to make an important step in upgrading the provision of information for people who are living with HIV; we want to involve you in our common goal: achieving the best quality of life for people with HIV.


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