Everyone is entitled to a fulfilling sex life and you and your partner are responsible for this. This section presents information on safe sex, choices and responsibilities, the latest developments in protection and useful tips.

  • > HIV and sex

    If you have only just heard that you have HIV, that news can really turn your sex life upside down. Here you can read a lot of different information about sexuality, enjoying sex, relationships en STI's.

  • > HIV and desire to have children

    Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, and despite your HIV, you can still have a healthy baby under proper supervision from a doctor.


  • > specialists about sex

    A sexologist, a HIV doctor an a sex coach talk about HIV and sex.

  • > viral load and sex

    Get the anwser on the question: Can I pass on my HIV if I have an undetectable viral load?

  • > sexual problems

    If you have a problem, it is advisable to do something about it. What does a caregiver do? Read questions about little or no appetite for sex.

  • > drugs and sex

    Known interactions and possible interactions with medicines and the influence of alcohol and drugs.


  • > besides a condom

    PrEP is the preventive use of HIV medicines to prevent you from getting HIV. If someone (e.g. your sex partner) has run a real risk of getting HIV, he or she can get a PEP treatment. Read more about this subject.

  • > sexually transmitted infections

    If you have safer sex, the chance of getting STI'sis much slighter, but still not zero. Get information here.



  • > advocacy and sexuality

    The Hiv Vereniging provides useful information about sexuality and relationships. Also the Hiv Vereniging regularly calls attention to various topics.


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