What does the Hiv Vereniging do in terms of advocacy in connection with sexuality?

The Hiv Vereniging regularly calls attention to various topics, for example: To what extent are doctors, nurses and health organisations communicating the insight that it is much less easy to pass on your virus if your viral load is undetectable? What are we communicating about hepatitis C? In the past, the Hiv Vereniging introduced rapid testing for HIV in the Netherlands and was intensively engaged with the legal ramifications of unprotected sex. As a result of the latter efforts, it is now clear that unprotected sex between consenting adults is not punishable. That means you are not required to tell your partner about your HIV, but it also means that you may not lie to them about it. We encourage STI policlinics to hold special hours for people with HIV. The Hiv Vereniging is actively working to obtain effective screening and treatment for (early stages of) anal cancer. We advise health organisations and in doing so we promote the interests of people with HIV, for example in policies dealing with HIV testing, in studies on safer sex and in activities that aim at preventing the spread of HIV. With HIV doctors and HIV nurses we discuss aspects dealing with sexuality that come up during their consultations. Examples of those include the idea of offering people with HIV an STI check along with their regular HIV blood tests or consultations with the HIV nurse about sexual health.


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