What does Hiv Vereniging Nederland do in the area of sexuality?

The Hiv Vereniging provides useful information about sexuality and relationships and offers opportunities for getting into contact with others. And last but not least: the Hiv Vereniging advocates the interests of people with HIV – also in the area of sexuality.

How does the Hiv Vereniging inform people about sexuality?
We inform people through publications such as this one, through our website (www.hivnet.org) and through Hivnieuws. Through the information line of the Servicepunt we also answer hundreds of questions about sexuality and relationships that we receive each year by telephone or by e-mail.

What are the opportunities for getting into contact with others?
At the bar evenings, weekends, dinners and informative meetings that the Hiv Vereniging offers, people regularly exchange experiences in terms of sexuality and making contacts. And sometimes that can even lead to a relationship or a sexual contact. You can read about the activities planned for the coming period on www.hivnet.org (Dutch) under the heading Activities but also in our magazine Hivnieuws. On the forum on www.hivnet.org you can share information and experiences.

In this article you can read about the advocacy work that the Hiv Vereniging does in the area of sexuality.


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